'Affordable' Engagement Ring Budgets

I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries lately from potential clients that have super low budgets to work with (< $1500 CAD) but quite expensive taste when it comes to ring designs. Now, while there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a small budget, certain expectations do need to be managed in these cases. That said, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to discuss the topic of the engagement ring budget!

Over the last decade or so, moissanite has proven to be the ultimate option in diamond alternatives for those lovers who lack a huge flexible income for such a lavish purchase. Moissanite is such a great option for these types of situations that I have based my entire business around it! My goal with ring come true is to offer a way for every woman to get the ring of their dreams regardless of having a low budget to work with. However, with that said, this all has to be within reason. For example: if you have a budget of $1000-1500, I can work with that! For that amount of money you can get a flawless 1.2 carat nearly colourless moissanite stone made in up a plain gold setting like this:


How stunning is that?! A diamond ring of that same size and clarity would be up to 10 x that amount! At least $10,000+!!

What you won’t be able to get with that $1000-1500 budget though is a centre stone wrapped in a halo with pave’d stones all along the band - even if those stones are also moissanite. There are so many factors that work into the pricing of a ring with one of the most overlooked ones being the cost of labour. For a jeweller to create the ring itself, there is so much delicate and expert work that goes into setting all those tiny little stones and all that factors into the cost of the ring. This is why even if the ring was made with all moissanite stones, these types of settings cannot and will not fit a budget of less than $2000 CAD. The price difference between a ring like this made in diamonds vs moissanite is literally astounding, but you still need to be prepared to spend a semi-decent chunk of change on it. Moissanite is quite affordable and cheap, but not that cheap.

A diamond ring like this:

Can retail for upwards of $20,000, so when comparing that to the +/- $3000 price tag of creating it fully with moissanite, you are saving 85%!!!! Talk about hero status!

So please, if you are one of my future clients that happens to have a budget of under $2000 we can still create something amazing for you, but I highly recommend shifting gears a bit and going with a larger centre stone and keeping the band as simple as possible. That is how you will get the most bang for your buck. However, if your sweetheart has her heart dead set on getting the full pave’d halo’d ring, just be prepared to shed out the extra few hundred dollars to get her that incredible ring she has been dreaming of. You may have to save a little longer and she may have to be a bit more patient but it will definitely be worth it! Don’t forget that this ring is going to be on her finger forever and so when deciding to work with me and moissanite (which is already getting you into the major league of engagements) buying an ‘affordable’ ring doesn’t mean that you need to be cheap about it. At such affordable prices already, let’s work together to get it done right.