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Are Moissanites 'fake' diamonds?

Are Moissanites 'fake' diamonds?

So naturally, one of the most common questions people ask about moissanite is whether or not they are 'fake' diamonds. If I am being completely honest, it makes me a little sad whenever I hear someone ask that because it just emphasizes how deep the years of advertising and propaganda from the diamond companies has gotten, to make us have to compare everything to diamonds in the first place. Think about this question instead: what does 'fake diamond' even mean?

It is clear that when people ask that question, that what they are really asking is if moissanite stones look enough like diamonds to fool people into thinking they are in fact a diamond. Now, if someone were to ask me that I would give my honest opinion which is to say that for the most part, yes a moissanite is very passable as a diamond (especially to those who haven’t had a lot of up and close contact with diamonds in their lives). However, with that I would also say, “who cares?! Isn’t it beautiful?!” because at the end of the day all that should matter is that the person wearing it loves it and feels confident enough wearing it out in all its moissy glory. To those still debating whether or not to go the moissy route because they have yet to see them in person and are unsure if they are diamond-like enough.. I would say to stop overthinking it and to just get one because, and I say this from experience, once you see them all those fears will melt away! It is understandable that getting past the fear of judgement from friends and family over not buying a diamond ring isn't going to happen over night, so, if you are worried about them being able to 'tell' it's not a diamond ask yourself, how often does the average person really get to see a real diamond up close and IRL to be able to tell the difference? Trust me, not often. So yeah, given that our society is still very heavily stuck on the idea that a diamond ring is the only acceptable way to propose to our significant others, it makes sense that as we work towards ending that stigma people will still want something that resembles a diamond as closely as possible and moissanite has you covered.

That said, moissanites are not fake diamonds. They are a stunning gemstone all on their own just like sapphires and morganites are different gemstones entirely. My advice to anyone choosing to purchase a moissanite ring for their engagement or wedding ring is to own the stones and wear it proudly as what it is, not what you are trying to make it appear to be. To anyone and everybody who asks me what my personal ring is, or if it's 'real' (because it's so darn big and beautiful) I respond with the utmost pride that it's a gemstone called moissanite and usually follow that with isn't it amazing?!? Because it is, it really really is. I have yet to hear a single person disagree and not ask for my card! 

In conclusion, wear your moissanite with pride and love it just as much as the person who gives it to you because that's what it's meant to be about... love!