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How to Measure your ring size

The Do's and Don'ts

There are many at-home methods out there on how to figure out yours or your partners' ring size at home. Given that some are more accurate that others, here are the ones we suggest the most and the ones we say to avoid.

Use an existing ring

If you have a ring that you wear on the same finger but aren't sure of the size, the easiest way to figure it out is to trace the inside of the ring on a flat surface and measure the diameter. For the most accurate number, measure from the outer most part of the line on each side with a ruler and note the MM number. If the line is in between notches then try to be as exact as you can to the 0.5, and try not to round up or down.

Whatever the MM is, (ie. 15 or 15.5) you can then locate the closest match on an international ring sizing chart to figure out what size the inside diameter suggests your ring size will be on the chart.

NOTE: If you have a ring from a different finger than the ring finger, that's better than nothing! Typically the middle finger is about 1 size up from the ring finger and the index is one up from the middle. This is not ALWAYS the case but a good way to make your best guess if you had to.


There are many super affordable plastic or metal ring sizers you can get on sites like ours, or purchase from quick delivery service sites like Amazon for $10 or less. The best ones to purchase for accuracy are ones that have a similar width to the one you are planning to purchase.

NOTE: Rings that are wider (ie. > 4 mm) will fit tighter on the finger than rings that are thinner (ie. < 2 mm) wide, so it's important to make sure you are sizing with something comparable to what you plan to wear.

How should the fit feel

You want the ring to fit snug on the are of the finger where you plan to let it sit. Often times though, someone's knuckle can be wider than that specific area, and so you should pay attention not only to how hard it is to get a ring/sizer on and off, but how snug it fits once you pass the knuckle. You'll want to make sure you can get the sizer on and off your finger without causing yourself pain, but it is ok and totally normal if it's a little hard to get the sizer/your ring over the knuckle to get your perfect fit.

If you have any questions you can always email us:

Methods that we do not recommend

The dont's

Unless you have no other options at your disposal we do not recommend using the 'string' or 'paper' method, as they tend to be very inaccurate due to their flimsiness. Gold rings are firm and do not have the same 'give' as softer bendable materials and so we do not recommend using those methods if you can avoid them.

Free Gemstone Sticker Sheet and Ring Sizer Request Form

Try on different stone sizes and shapes from the comfort of your home! Peel and stick the gems to the desired finger, they are to scale! For the sizer, just wrap it around your finger and adjust until you get a comfortable fit. You want it to be snug on the area where the ring will sit while still being able to slide it on and off the entire finger. A little resistance getting it off is ok!

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