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Stone Cut

There are a few options for stone cut depending on the shape of stone you are looking to purchase. The three options in this drop down are available for the following shapes: Oval, Cushion, Elongated Cushion, and Radiant.

The right stone in the image below is a classic 'brilliant cut', and the left stone is an example of the 'diamond cut'. The brilliant is the most classic and sharpest of all the cuts and the diamond cut is what people refer to as more of a 'shattered glass' look since it has more faceting than the brilliant cut has. Both are beautiful options and do not differ in price. 


The third option below is called the 'crushed ice' cut that has even more faceting and more of a 'shattered glass' appearance. While it photographs nicely this cut comes with my lowest recommendation as it can appear rather dull and milky looking in person.


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