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Stone Size

How do I know what size it going to look good on mine or my partners finger?

If you are unsure of the size of stone you should purchase here are a few tips I can offer:

  • Concentrate on the mm size vs the carat weight since the carat weight listed is an approximate equivalent weight to that of a diamond and therefore not 100% accurate. Moissanite weighs 10% less than a diamond does and so because we all associate the term carat as a size instead of a weight, it might get a bit confusing when trying to compare the two gemstones to each other.
  • With Moissanite, the price variance between carat size is very slight, so best to select the stone size that you believe best compliments your finger instead of what the carat weight is listed as. 
  • If you are unable to try these on your hand prior to purchase, the next best option would be to draw out the shape to scale on paper, cut it out and try it on your finger to get a general idea of size (regardless of how accurate the actual shape is) and determine your preference from there.

There are two colour options for your stone selection.

Colourless refers to the absence of colour within the gemstone and is equivalent to an E/F colour graded diamond.

Near colourless is a term to describe a stone that has a slight hint of a warmer/coloured tone to the stone equivalent to a G/H coloured diamond. 

If you are looking for some guidance on which to choose, both are fantastic options! If it helps at all though, I will just add that the majority of our clients do select the colourless option if their budget allows. 

For further assistance please email