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Can Moissanite Pass A Diamond Test?

Can Moissanite Pass a Diamond Test?

Yes and No.

Diamond testers are hand-held devices jewellers use to test the authenticity of a Diamond. They are one of the most accurate tools that jewellers have but depending on their technology, some can still be fooled by Moissanite.

The testers use the principle of thermal conductivity (the ability of a given material to conduct/transfer heat) to determine differences between gemstones but because Moissanite has a very similar thermal conductivity to that of a diamond, they can often mistake Moissanite for a Diamond. Older models of these testers are far less accurate than the newer devices on the market that have the added feature to specifically test for Diamond AND Moissanite. That said, when asking someone to perform such a test, it’s important to make sure that they are using the latest version of the technology in order to be the most accurate.

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