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Lab Diamond Moissanite Engagement Rings Custom Toronto Canada

Is a Lab Created Diamond Worth It?

Here-in lies the ultimate question when it comes to the debate between Mined and Lab Grown Diamonds.

Jewellers who reject the notion of Lab Diamonds all-together, would say not to waste your money on such a gemstone because it holds 'no-value'. But with that being said, what value do mined diamonds hold? Unless you are buying a diamond right from the source you are always going to pay a markup on it and therefore, you will always lose money on your original purchase in the re-sale market, should it ever come to that. Of course this speaks more to whether lab diamonds (and even mined ones) are a good investment vs their value, but many people intertwine the two terms because ultimately we are talking about money. So if you can't sell something for at least the same price you paid for it then what good does its perceived value do for you? No matter how you look at it, objectively, the purchase of both mined and lab grown diamonds are terrible investments and their value lies mostly in the value you place on the person who gives it to you or the circumstance by which you obtained it. Just wear and ENJOY!

So to answer the question, we believe that Lab Created Diamonds are 100% worth it because if it makes you happy and you can comfortably afford the one you WANT and not the one you are settling for, then that's all that matters at the end of the day :)


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