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Lab Diamond Moissanite Engagement Rings Custom Toronto Canada

What is better, Moissanite or Cubic Zirconia?

What are these stones made of?

Cubic zirconia (CZ) is made up of a mix of zirconium and oxygen whereas moissanite is made of silicon and carbon. That said, in comparison to a diamond which is pure carbon, Moissanite is more similar in composition being half carbon. Both of these gemstones are extremely rare to find in their natural state on earth and so all moissanite and CZ that are sold today are lab created.

Which is harder to scratch?

While diamonds are commonly known as the hardest gemstone on earth, with a perfect score of 10 on the Mohs scale, Moissanite comes in close behind it as the second hardest gemstone at 9.25. This scale refers to a stones ability to scratch and so Moissanite is an ideal gemstone for daily wear. CZ comes in a bit lower at 8-8.5 on the Mohs scale meaning it is much more likely to scratch or damage with daily wear.

Which is harder to break?

When it comes to chipping or breaking, Moissanites are 300% less likely to chip or break than CZ. Moissanites have a PSI rating of 7.6 (PSI stands for Pound per Square Inch and it is the unit by which pressure is measured) whereas Diamonds have a 14.6 PSI and CZs have a PSI rating of 2.4. That said, with moissanite being over 3 times more resistant to breaking or chipping than CZ, it is clear that CZ is not the best option for a long lasting forever stone. It is more appropriate for fast-fashion pieces that are not worn on a daily basis.

Which is easier to clean?

Moissanite is also more resistant to dirt than a CZ is. CZ will be quicker to lose its sparkle and is also more likely to cloud over time because of its susceptibility to microscopic surface scratches that you would not be able to remove with regular cleaning techniques. CZ is often described as more glassy looking as well which is why it is more often referred to as a 'fake diamond' than Moissanite.

So which is better?

Ultimately the choice is up to you and it's hard to state what 'better' is to each individual person. For us, when it comes to a purchase as significant as an engagement ring (something you intend to wear every day to symbolize eternal love) then we believe Moissanite to be the ideal choice over a CZ.

Hope this helps!

xo RCT